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Weekend Workshop

Fits, Folds, and Frames - Formulas for a Functional Yoga Practice

Two Part Katonah Yoga® Workshop

Saturday 22nd April – Sunday 23rd April

11:00am – 5:30pm

This weekend two part workshop is for teachers and students who want to learn how to incorporate Katonah Yoga’s theory and practice into their practice and teachings.  This immersion will aim to demystify some of the Katonah Yoga teaching concepts; Taoist theory, sacred geometry, magic, mythology and metaphor.  Using asana as origami, manipulating forms for optimal function, and developing a sense of personal measure.

This program counts as 10hrs towards your Katonah Yoga® Certification

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This is a unique immersion to help find the grace within your effort, experiencing how asana practice and breath work combined with Katonah metaphors expand your potential and imagination.


Katonah Yoga synthesises Taoist theory, Hatha Yoga, sacred geometry, pranayama, and meditation in a practical approach to potentiate communal and personal well-being. The goal of the Katonah Yoga method is to be able to participate in one's personal well-being, be well-integrated, and ultimately experience more joy in life!


These workshops gives you an opportunity to measure up, reorganise your forms and see that you were designed to fit into yourself and nature with effortless effort.  No matter who you are, you can fit yourself well. Your knees can fit your armpits and your heels into your palms.  As you’re guided through a variety of shapes you will learn techniques to deepen your understanding of everyday yoga poses. 


The goal is to ground, add volume, direction, and ease.  You will fold and unfold your forms, using the metaphor of asana as origami to find ever more increasingly complex fits and folds. Once you have your fits you will focus on how you well fit others.  Using props, adjustments, language, and leverage to go higher and deeper into your asana practice.


I will demonstrate how hands on adjustments with metaphors can be revelatory. These adjustments are designed for a longevity asana practice.  Alignment focused, these workshops will give you (and your students) new insights into yoga to become well adjusted and well informed.


This immersion is offered to teachers and dedicated practitioners, offering an embodied approach to learning Katonah Yoga. The use of theory and metaphor adds dimension, not just to our practice, but to our lives. The more well rounded we become in one area the more informed we are in all other parts of our lives.


This weekend workshops is for anyone who is curious and willing to explore past the physical practice and you can attend one workshop or both. (Five hours each day)


We will cover:

Katonah Yoga theory and practice: asana, pranayama, meditation

The Magic Square (using grids for esoteric measure)

Principles of alignment and adjustment

Body readings/diagnostics

Hands-on Adjustments, modifications for injuries, elders / sensitive students

Working with props: straps, blocks, chairs, sandbags 

Restorative and longevity practices



5-Hours + 90mins for lunch break

Finding your Fits and Folds:

Weaving geometric measure into a vinyasa practice



5-Hours + 90mins for lunch break

Playing the Long Game

A Yoga practice for Longevity

This program includes 10 hours bankable towards *KATONAH YOGA® certification.


KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, sacred geometries, pranayama, and meditation. For more information, please visit


*To become a certified KATONAH YOGA® teacher, one must complete 200 hours of Katonah Yoga education with certified Katonah Yoga instructors, after completing a prerequisite 200 hour RYT (Yoga Alliance) training. All intensives, workshops and classes with us count toward the 200 Hour Katonah Yoga education requirement. For more information on this and to begin the process of becoming certified visit Katonah Yoga.


1. Your own mat

2. Water

3. Blocks and straps if you have them

4. A packed lunch or you have the option of buying lunch across the road as we are situated on High Street in Tullamore. Eircode R35T189


Email: tanya@lionsbreathyogastudio to book your space.

Spaces are limited so please book in early

€200 for both days

€130 for one day

€50 non refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

Balance is due by 3rd March

Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel before March 3rd then you are entitled to the remaining amount refunded to you less the €50 deposit. If you need to cancel after this date the amount is non refundable. However you may transfer your place to someone else but please notify the studio.

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A 500-Hr Yoga and 200-Hr Katonah Yoga® certified teacher, Lisa Dunn transformed her 20-year passion for yoga into a profession after a successful long career producing documentaries for the BBC. 

Lisa leads and teaches retreats around the world. With her teacher and mentor, Vidya Heisel, Founder of Frog Lotus International, Lisa teaches 200 and 500-hour teacher-trainings at Suryalila ( Lisa never stops feeling excited about sharing yoga's liberating effect on her life. 

Her teaching approach reflects her open-hearted and fun personality. She brings a contemporary eye to time-honoured traditions and draws on yoga's universal teachings, both on and off the mat. 

An eternal student, Lisa began studying the Katonah Yoga® methodology in 2017 and was certified in 2019. With this elixir of Katonah, pranayama, and intelligent sequencing, her classes are crafted to empower her students to advance their practice while maintaining a safe and lasting yoga experience. 

While Lisa is a nomad yogi, her base is in London, where her three grown children and the rest of her family live. And she still shoots a documentary or two in her free time. 

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