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What's coming up in the Studio!

Treat Yourself To Something Special...


Soulful Sound Bath

Sunday, 14th July, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Experience the transformative power of sound with

Emma West's sound bath session.


And Breathe...

Sunday, 11th August 10am - 2:00pm

A retreat designed to foster connections—with others, with your life force energy, and most importantly, with yourself.

Lead by Belinda Mann and Tanya Ross


Movement and Stillness

Saturday, 14th September, 11am - 1pm 

An immersive experience into the practices of stillness and movement and how they can affect and benefit your nervous system. Lead by Naomi Sturdy


The Resting Practice

Held monthly in studio on Sundays

A deeply restful class. It specialises in guiding participants into a state of rest and digest, allowing people to surrender in their being, feeling completely held and supported. Lead by Tanya Ross



Friday, June 21st 7:00pm – 90mins

An evening of Sacred Chanting with

Oonagh O'Sullivan

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