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Kirtan – an evening of sacred chanting

Friday 21st June – 90 minutes with Oonagh O'Sullivan

Experience the transformative power of Kirtan, a form of devotional chanting that originates from the Bhakti yoga tradition. Kirtan involves the call-and-response singing of sacred mantras and hymns, creating a deeply meditative and heart-opening experience.

  • Led by Oonagh O'Sullivan, a skilled Kirtan leader, will guide us through this beautiful practice, helping you connect with the divine through the power of sound and community.


Kirtan is more than just music; it's a practice that helps quiet the mind, open the heart, and foster a sense of unity and peace. Whether you're new to Kirtan or a seasoned chanter, this evening promises to be a profound and uplifting experience.

Come and join us for a night of soulful chanting and collective harmony. No prior experience is needed—everyone is welcome! Kids go free!

Tickets €20 per person – Booking essential

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