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Movement and Stillness

Saturday 14th September – 11am – 1pm lead by Naomi Sturdy

An immersive experience into the practices of stillness and movement and how they can affect and benefit your nervous system. 


We will explore stillness practices through breath, meditation and cover some theory to discuss the benefits, affects and influences that various practices can have on your system.  We will discover how our movement is influenced and affected by our nervous system states, and in turn how we can use movement to change our state.  We will dive into the benefits of up regulating and down regulating movements and how we can use our bodies not as tools or vehicles but as organic cellular feedback loops into how we are and how we can feel connected, supported and well.

In this workshop I will endeavour to give you insight into how you can be still and move in your Yoga practice in ways that feel beneficial and enhance your understanding of your body-and mind.  The intention will be to hone your practices to care for and tend to your needs in ways that feel sustainable, wholesome and nourishing.


This workshop will involve stillness and movement practices, comfortable clothing is recommended.  Please bring a pen and notebook, and if you have any perquisite needs or questions do reach out in advance.


About Naomi:

Teaching Yoga for over a decade, Naomi has established her own unique style infused and informed from her own embodied experiences and training. She has trained extensively in the realms of Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness and therapeutic modalities and currently focuses her teaching methodology on a nervous system informed approach to aid individuals to process, regulate and connect to their inner experience.

She has taught in a variety of contexts, from local classes to workshops, and from events, festivals, retreats, and corporate environments to personalised individual sessions. She co-founded the renowned ‘Art of Teaching’ programme, an independent Yoga teacher training that over 6 years has given the opportunity for individuals to qualify as Yoga teachers.

Naomi currently offers community classes in her local neighbourhood in Dublin 8, and teaches studio classes regularly in Dublin. Further afield she leads retreats, and offers training and continuing education. Naomi also hosts an active community online hub with movement and stillness practices to support participants from the comfort of their own home.

€45 per person, Booking essential

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