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Yoga Teacher

Theresa trained as a Hatha yoga teacher in Vancouver, Canada. Over the years her training have extended to Prenatal yoga, Children’s yoga, Teen’s yoga and Chair yoga. Theresa has completed a wide variety of workshops to help deepen her practice and to become a better teacher.

Theresa’s classes are physically and mentally challenging which are tailored towards each group. Theresa has a keen interest in promoting positive mental health practices. She will advise how to use simple breathing techniques at home, at work or in public. Theresa hopes to create an atmosphere of fun and focus in her class.

Theresa sees her yoga practice as a lifestyle. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over 15 years and has seen the benefits in hers and her family’s life. Her passion is to share the benefits of this ancient tradition with as many people. She tries daily to practice what she preaches which she believes will inspire and encourage others to live to their full

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